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Chapter Four


“Yes. Over and over and over again.

“It’ll only be over when--”

She woke up to a knocking at her door. Aevum got up to answer it, and found Eden (who else), awaiting her. “Hey, Eden,” she yawned. She used one hand to rub her eyes, and the other to ruffle the shorter boy’s hair.

“Hi, Aevum! Good morning!” Eden grinned. He reached up to ruffle Aevum’s hair in return, but had a significantly larger amount of difficulty with it.

Aevum smiled. “You feeling better, already?” She asked.

“Yeah!” Eden exclaimed. “My immune system is strong!” The black-haired boy proclaimed, proudly.

“If it were strong, you wouldn’t have gotten sick in the first place,” Aevum replied.

Eden paused. “Huh? Is that true?”

Aevum chuckled, and shrugged. “Eh. Probably.” She began pushing Eden away from her doorway. “C’mon, I’m going to the pie place.”

“Oh! Right! I’ll come too! And I can pay!” Eden expressed, moving out of Aevum’s way.

Aevum shook her head as she put on her shoes. “Like I say everyday, I can pay for myself.”

Eden nodded. “One day!” He assured. Eden began following Aevum down the usual route she took to get from the motel to the pie place, rambling on about various things, as Aevum simply listened.

“Oh, I talked to Larry last night. Did you know he’s a vegetarian?”

“I like milk, but I think Rose milk is the best kind. It’s nice and bitter, I think it goes well with coffee!”

“Do you think there’s more kinds of magic than just the elemental ones? I don’t think so, personally, but I read a book about the potential for it.”

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at the pie place. They took their seats at their normal table, and ordered what they usually did. Aevum ordered a Chess pie, and Eden ordered a coffee.

And, as usual, Eden went on rambling about arbitrary happenings and subjects, while Aevum sat in silence.

“Hey, does that pie have eggs in it?” Eden asked, distracting himself from his previous topics of cats and dogs.

Aevum shrugged. “I’m pretty sure,” she replied.

“You should stop eating it,” Eden paused, a smile curling up on his lips. “Or else… The consequences will be eggstreme,” he said, finishing off his pun with a huge grin.

Aevum stopped eating her pie. “Wh-why would there be consequences? Are the eggs in this town bad?”

Eden’s face dropped. “It, uh. It was a pun,” he explained, before shaking his head. “Ah, nevermind.”

Aevum very cautiously ate the rest of her pie, while Eden swiftly moved on to another undirected subject for rambling. Eden ended up ordering two more coffees in the span of time it took for Aevum to finish her pie.

Chapter Five

“Oh, Aevum, tonight everybody’s celebrating the last day of spring!”

Aevum had been in the small, rural town for quite the length of time now. It had been two months, edging on three, and now, the end of spring was here. She had arrived near the beginning of spring, actually. It’s the longest she’s managed to stay in one place without anyone noticing or somehow figuring out she was actually Aika.

“Is that so,” Aevum replied, quietly. “Did you have any plans?”

Eden shook his head. “I think I’ll just stop by the local bar. Do you want to come with me? I think you should come, too!” He exclaimed.

Aevum shrugged. She didn’t have any other plans, and it would’ve been a good opportunity to try and make new friends in the area with someone that wasn’t Eden. “Sure. I’ll see you later, then, Eden. I’m heading to the library now,” Aevum said.

Eden continued to follow Aevum. “I’ll go with you!”

Aevum sighed. “Alright,” she said, rubbing her forehead.

“Oh,” Eden began. “I won’t bother you while you’re reading!” He assured.

Sure enough, Eden didn’t end up bothering Aevum one bit, but he did end up bothering some of the other patrons of the library with his incessant rambling. He quickly got kicked out, and when he was able to reenter, he decided to just sit silently next to Aevum.

A few hours passed, and the library was near-empty, with only the old librarian, Eden, and Aevum left in the run-down building. It was starting to get late, and Aevum figured it was a good time to leave for the local bar. She got up to leave, and Eden followed after her.

The bar, dubbed by everyone in town as ‘The Salty Pig,’ was filled with people. Near everyone in town decided to go the local bar for celebration. They were chatting away with each other, using the holiday as an excuse to skimp out on their work and drink.

“It’s very crowded in here, huh?” Eden commented, as he attempted to find two seats next to each other for him and Aevum to sit.

Aevum nodded, and did her best to follow after Eden through the throes of people.

“Aevum, I found two seats over here,” Eden called out. Aevum managed to catch up to him, and they both took their seats. Eden ordered Aevum a shot of vodka, and just got himself a beer.

“Oh, actually, how old are you, anyways?” Eden asked. “We’ve known each other for near a month now, but I still don’t know your age! Ah, I’m 18, by the way.”

Aevum shrugged. “Around 26. I don’t really keep track,” she answered.

Eden pouted. “Huh? Aww, man. Why not?” He asked.

Aevum rubbed her forehead. “Never thought it was anything worth keeping track of,” she said, cradling her newly-obtained drink. “Besides, there’s tons of other people keeping track of how old I am.”

Eden nodded. “Whatever that means… Anyways, you’re pretty talkative today!”

“Huh? Am I normally not?” She asked. “I guess I’m just getting used to conversing with you,” she said. “We’re friends, after all.”

Eden’s eyes lit up when she said that. “Yes! We are!” He smiled.

Aevum smiled in return, and proceeded to down her drink.

“Wow, all in one go!” Eden admired.

Aevum turned to look directly into Eden’s eyes. “You should take me home--” She vomited, and collapsed.


Chapter Six

In no time at all, they were in--

The sunlight pouring into her room was blinding. She tried to get up to close the blinds, but noticed she had to go to the bathroom first to vomit. The back of her throat was burning, and she had quite the headache.

The young lady forced herself to all her windows to shut the curtains, and immediately threw herself onto her bed, groaning.

“Oh, Aevum? You’re awake?” Eden asked, from a different part of Aevum’s motel room. He had said it quietly, taking into consideration Aevum’s massive hangover.

Aevum groaned in response.

“I brought you some water,” Eden offered. “The well was kind of crowded, so I couldn’t get that much, and if you had any water containers, I didn’t find any.” He placed a small wooden bowl filled with water next to Aevum’s bed. “I’ll. Uh. See you later,” he said, going for the door. “You have a nice place,” he said, leaving.

Aevum groaned in response, reaching for the water bowl. She knocked it over, though, and all the water spilled onto her shirt and mattress and floor. “Augh, fuck. Why,” she whined. Aevum didn’t end up bothering to clean up the water, hoping it’d just evaporate later.

“Oh, yeah,” she realized. “Eden!?” Aevum shouted, before stopping to wince from the noise she was creating.

Outside of Aevum’s room, Eden heard a faint voice calling his name. “Huh, is that Aevum? Does she need water?” He pondered aloud, before turning back towards her room.

Aevum waited for a response, but when she didn’t get any, she shrugged it off, and sat up slightly from her previous position of lying down to take off her wet shirt.

She almost had the shirt off, but Eden reached her door. “Um. Aevum? Are you okay?” He asked, his voice so gentle Aevum could barely hear it from the other side of the door.

“Don’t come in!” Aevum shouted, before, again, wincing from the noise she made. “I just wanted to say thanks, and stuff-” Aevum stopped when she noticed bile was building up in the back of her throat, and she started making choking noises.

This, obviously, concerned Eden very much, so he ended up opening the door (since it wasn’t locked). “Aevum, are you--” Eden stopped, and his eyes slowly wandered to the location of Aevum’s birthmark, which also happened to be, well, her chest. “Uh, sorry! Sorry! Holy shit, okay, bye--” Eden slammed the door.

Aevum flinched at the noise, and found herself blushing. She flopped back down onto her bed, defeated. “I hope I have enough money to last until the next town,” she muttered.

Gardens of Time: Chapters Four, Five, and Six
hahahahahahaHAHAHAHHAHASDSDGSDFSDGJSKDLF sorry i'm so sorry

Previous Chapter(s):…
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Chapter Two

“Where is it?

“Oh right, silly me. It’s right there, in my--”

She woke up to the sound of knocking at her door, her hand over her chest and one of her knees up. Aevum dreaded getting up to answering it (she was way too tired), but she forced herself to anyways.

Of course, the person at the door was Eden. She really wasn’t expecting it to be anyone else. Eden had been visiting Aevum first thing in the morning for the past week, and, honestly, Aevum wasn't sure if she enjoyed his company or not. The socialization was nice, but Eden could be pretty annoying. Regardless, Aevum had, surprisingly enough, gotten used to Eden’s company and clinginess.

“Hey, Eden,” she said, yawning. 

Eden smiled at her, stuffing his hands into his hoodie pockets. “Today, I can pay for your food!”

Aevum ruffled his hair, somewhat amused. He made that offer everyday. “It’s fine. I can cover for myself,” she told him. “I take it, however, that you want to accompany me to the pie place?”

Eden nodded, and he began to leave. Aevum followed after him out the Green Greats Motel, and towards the small building with the delicious pies.

They sat together at the small table in the corner where they could normally be found. Aevum ordered a blueberry pie, and Eden just got a simple cup of coffee.

As Aevum ate her pie, and as Eden drank his coffee, they conversed a bit. Well, it wasn’t exactly conversing as much as it was Eden talking and rambling, while Aevum silently ate. It was a delicious pie, as per the usual.

“I really like this town! It has the pie place, and the people are nice!” Eden had commented. “Have you met Larry? He’s a fun guy. I don’t remember why I came to this town in the first place, but I’m glad I did! Why did you come here, Aevum?” He asked.

Aevum paused. “I’m a traveller.”

The second those words were uttered, Eden’s eyes lit up with a childlike wonder. “That’s so cool! Why do you travel? To see the world?” Eden asked. “Oh, but you’ve stayed here for at least a month, now. Don’t travellers move around a lot more often than that?”

Well, actually, Aevum would stay at wherever she happened to be for as long as it took for people to notice she was Aika. It always happened, it’s just that sometimes it took longer, and sometimes it didn’t take quite as long. It varied.

“Well, I travel at my own pace,” Aevum responded (and, as usual, she stuttered some of her words). “What are you doing here?”

Eden shrugged. “Like I said, I don’t remember why I came to this town in the first place.” He finished up his coffee, but Aevum was still eating her pie.

And so, she immediately began to rush to finish her pie, so she wouldn’t have to keep Eden waiting.

Eden’s eyes widened a bit at her sudden speed burst. “Oh! Aevum, there’s no rush.” Eden reassured. He started gesturing at the waiter, and asked for another coffee. “Take your time!”

Aevum paused for a moment, before accepting Eden’s assurances, and continued to eat her pie at an average pace. “If you say so,” she said, before stuffing the plastic fork into her mouth.

Once Aevum finished the pie, and once Eden finished his (second) coffee, they paid for their respective items, and left. 

The town was silent; most people were staying in their houses. The wind was somewhat harsh, as was the sun. The town was silent; most people were staying in their houses. The weather was fairly poor, despite it being springtime. The winds were harsh, and cold. It wasn’t exactly pleasant weather for a picnic or a walk, at least. Aevum certainly wasn’t exactly feeling rejuvenated or refreshed wandering around outside chilly, so she began making her way back to the Green Greats Motel.

“Oh, are we going back already?”

“You don’t have to come with me,” Aevum responded.

Eden shook his head. “No, it’s fine! I want to get back in my cozy room. It’s way too cold out here!” He exclaimed, just before getting blasted in the face with wind. “And it’s too windy.” Eden pouted.

Aevum glanced at the shorter boy, smiled, and nodded. "Yeah, alright."

Chapter Three

Eden was sick that day, so Aevum found herself sitting by herself at the usual table she could be found at. She enjoyed the silence. Eden could be so loud, and so obnoxious sometimes. She ordered an apple pie, and once it arrived, she enjoyed herself, and, of course, enjoyed the pie.

When she finished her meal, she waited for her waiter to ask her if she was done (she was too nervous to ask for the bill herself), and pulled out her dotted coin purse to pay.

After she left the restaurant, she found herself in a reading mood, and decided to go to the library. The library was small, and it’s selection wasn’t that great. Aevum had definitely seen better libraries.

She picked up a history book she hadn’t read before, found a place to sit, and spent the rest of the day reading about crazy people in history. Aevum read about a man who escaped three of the most secure prisons on Memoria, and a woman who thought the world was flat. She read about a young boy who almost started a revolution, and a young girl who actually did. A few hours passed, and Aevum had finally finished the book she was so engrossed in. She put the book back where she found it, and left the small, run-down library.

As she made her way back to the Green Greats Motel, which was situated at exactly the other end of town, she decided to stop at the pie place again. She had spent an unexpectedly long time at the library, and was feeling hungry.

She ordered another apple pie, and ate it in silence. Once she was finished, she decided to order an extra pie, and she asked to take it with her. Aevum paid for the pies, and walked back to the motel. Once she entered, she looked for Eden’s room. She quickly found it, and she left the pie by the door. She knocked a few times, and when she heard footsteps from inside the room, she left.

Aevum quickly returned to her room, and immediately plopped herself onto her bed. “Oh,” she realized. “We're friends, right? I probably should've gotten him a get-well note..."

Gardens of Time: Chapter Two and Three
yes okay chapters two and three already sorry i'm excited to share this story even if nobody else cares

Previous Chapter:…
Next Chapter(s):…

Chapter One

She was tasked with a very specific, but at the same time, very vague job. From the moment she was born, her birthmark meant something. The people of Memoria practically celebrated her birth. To be honest, she never liked the attention. It was certainly nice, every now and again, but sometimes it got to be a bit much.

Nearly everyone living on Memoria knew about her. Ever since she moved out to explore the world and try and figure out the inner-workings of her supposed ‘destiny,’ she did her best to remain unrecognized. It was pretty easy, actually. Most people paid her no mind, since, other than her special birthmark, she didn’t have any particular traits of note. Her brown hair was a common colour, as was her green eyes. All she had to do was cover her mark, which was very conveniently on her chest, with any plain shirt.

The young lady enjoyed her travels, especially since she got to meet so many new people. Admittedly, she was a very shy, and quiet person, but she was getting better.

One day, her travels led her to a small, rural town, with a restaurant that served what the young lady could only consider to be the absolute best pies. She went there everyday, and eventually had to get a part-time job in the area to pay off her tab. She quickly found herself able to recognize and name everyone in town, which was something she found herself proud of.

After a few weeks, however, she encountered an unrecognizable face. He had black hair and brown eyes, and almost mistook him for Larry until she saw his face. She figured he was just a traveller, and didn’t attempt any introductions with him. Chances are he wouldn’t be in town for long.

Well, she didn’t assume that for long when he burst into the restaurant the moment they made a modicum of eye contact and ran right towards the table she was sitting. He slammed himself onto the chair across from her, and nearly knocked over her pie. She glared at the young boy, and was about to say something in response, but was swiftly interrupted.

“Hey,” he muttered, covering his mouth. “You wouldn’t happen to be… Her… Right?”

She knew what he was referring to, and she was indeed her, but she didn’t want to garner too much attention, so she decided to play dumb. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I am indeed a female and identify as such, however,” she said as confidently as she could (although she ended up stuttering some of her words), before proceeding to continue her consumption of her delicious pie. The young lady had waited a long time for this pie, because the waiters forgot she ordered it and she was too nervous to remind them, so she was really looking forward to it.

The young boy made a weird huffing noise in response. “My name is Eden,” he said. “and I think we should be friends. What’s your name?”

The young lady paused. “Aevum.” That was a fake name, of course. Everyone knew about Aika, the girl destined to save the world of Memoria, but nobody knew about Aevum, the random travelling girl. Well, other than the people in the places she’s visited but shut up that doesn’t count.

“It’s nice to meet you, Aevum!” Eden laughed. His pronunciation of Aika’s fake name was poor, but she didn’t say a word about it, and continued to eat her pie.

Eden ended up staying right in that chair across from Aevum, which made her feel incredibly awkward. Eden, however, remained unfazed, and continued to watch Aevum eat her pie.

Once Aevum finally finished her pie, she waited for her waiter to come ask her for her bill.

“Oh, are you done?” Eden inquired. He began to gesture at the waiters, and asked for the bill. “I can pay, Aevum!” He offered.

Aevum automatically assumed this was some kind of ruse wherein Eden would trick her into owing him, and would somehow ruin her life. “It’s fine. I can pay for myself,” she said, taking out her coin purse.

Eden immediately shifted his focus to the coin purse. “That’s a really pretty purse,” he expressed. It wasn’t really that pretty, actually. It was a simple dotted pattern with blue, red, green, and white colours.

“Oh, uh. Thanks,” Aevum responded, as she picked out small coins and placed them on the table. Once she counted out enough money, she got up and left. Eden swiftly got up after her.

“Next time, I can pay for you!” Eden exclaimed. “Because we’re friends!”

Aevum quickly shook her head at the notion. “No, it’s fine. Really,” she assured. “I don’t want to have to owe you,” she said.

Eden paused. “It’s fine! You won’t have to owe me anything!” He said. “So, where are you going?”

Aevum was starting to get annoyed with how clingy Eden was. “I rented a room in the nearby motel.”

“Nearby motel…” Eden pondered for a moment. “Do you mean the Green Greats Motel?” He asked.

This was going exactly where Aevum didn’t want it to.

“I rented a room there, too!”  

Gardens of Time: Chapter One
Soooo, yeah. I've written another story. THIS time though, I've actually already gotten a bunch of chapters already done!! be proud of me please

basically this story's about a young woman named Aika who is supposedly destined to save the world. she meets a young boy named Eden and they travel together a bit as they try to figure out the inner workings of Aika's destiny. things aren't what they seem, though, of course.

yeah it sounds a lil' typical but i'm hoping the upcoming plot developments will make this story an interesting and enjoyable read!!

Next Chapter(s):…

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